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Filled with ruffled clothing, chunky jewelry, colorful toys, sparkly shoes, and knit hats, La Petite Demoiselle is a handmade paradise for a little shopper-in-training. French for “The Little Miss,” La Petite Demoiselle is a girls’ boutique that holds true to the original definition of “boutique.” According to storeowner Julie Bowler, 36, not many stores that claim the word actually fit the description.

“It’s a term that’s totally overused,” Bowler says. “If you actually look at what a boutique is, it’s a lot of really unique handmade things. It’s not just if you buy a lot of high-end stuff and open a store (that it’s) then called a boutique.” With more than 25 unique clothing lines and plenty of quality, handmade accessories and toys, La Petite Demoiselle fits the bill.

Originally opened last April on Green River Road, La Petite Demoiselle moved into 2801 Lincoln Ave. in January. Formerly home to Carolyn’s Fashions, the store has served its new owner well so far, kicking off with a jam-packed opening day on Feb. 1. “My head was at the register all day long,” Bowler says.

On the first floor, La Petite Demoiselle has an array of girls’ clothing lines with playful names like Pixie Girl and Giggle Moon. Decked out in ruffles, floral patterns, and pleasing pastels, the petite clothes are a dress-up queen’s dream. The store offers sizes 0-12, extending to size 14 in the fall. Other offerings include shoes (sizes 0-youth 3), Melissa & Doug toys, knit hats and decorated princess crowns, and a table filled with jewelry and hair accessories.

Upstairs, the store includes four consignment shops for customers with specific needs. Miss Priss Creations, for example, specializes in custom embroidery and bows, while Reilynn Designs offers tutus, pettiskirts, bows, and crocheted items. Le Petit Prince, owned by Ashley Nanninga, widens the store’s demographic by providing clothing and toys for boys, and London Bridges, a combination of four companies, supplies upcycled and vintage goods, headbands, bow ties, organic bath, body, and laundry products, as well as handmade jewelry and art.

Though the store already has much to offer, Bowler insists she wants to try to meet every need. “I always say if you have a request, ask me, because I can either do it or I know someone who can,” she says.

For more information on La Petite Demoiselle, call 812-401-5520 or visit

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