Udderly Delicious

Although only open for a few months, Franklin Street’s new ice cream shop has created a following of loyal customers, with some visiting as often as three times a week.

One regular customer is Evansville resident Trish Jeffries, who says Fat Elvis — a concoction of banana, peanut butter, and chocolate reminiscent of Elvis Presley’s favorite sandwich — is her favorite.

“Usually, ice cream is ice cream,” says Jeffries. “But Milk & Sugar has the best ice cream in the entire world. It’s creamy and it’s just happiness in your mouth.”

Owners John and Alisha Didia opened Milk & Sugar Scoop Shoppe, 2021 W. Franklin St., on Aug. 1. The Didias also own Sweet Peony gift shop next door, 2023 W. Franklin St. Alisha says Milk & Sugar’s ice cream tastes so rich and flavorful due to its high milk-fat content.

Milk & Sugar serves 16 flavors daily. Unique names like Bang! (caffeinated espresso), Munchie Madness (Oreo cookies, M&Ms, caramel, and cake batter), Exhausted Parent (bourbon, chocolate, and coffee), and Blue Moon (a flavor reminiscent of Froot Loops cereal) keep patrons curious and coming back for more. Pumpkin, Bourbon Pecan Pie, Exhausted Parent, and Caramel Apple Pie have been ushered in as flavors of fall. Hot drinks like coffee and hot chocolate, and desserts like brownies and cookies also will be available as weather gets cooler.

The Didias put in months of research before deciding where to get their ice cream. They chose Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream in Madison, Wisconsin, a manufacturer that churns more than 100 flavors. However, the Didias keep Milk & Sugar’s regular rotation to about 50 varieties.

“We try not to be too repetitious. We try to get a variety,” says Alisha, adding the shop serves soy-based ice creams and Italian ice as milk-based alternatives. “I hope we have something for everybody.”

For more information about Milk & Sugar Scoop Shoppe, call 812-746-7299 or visit its Facebook page.

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