At Fehrenbacher Cabinets, building custom cabinets piece by piece is the easy part of the job. The hardest part actually is confronting the fallacy that only homeowners with a disposable income can afford their product.

“We are known for the big, high-end homes, but it’s not all we do. For every big house we put cabinets in, we do 20 kitchens that are small-to-medium sized,” says vice president Patrick Fehrenbacher. “People are intimidated by the thought they can’t afford it.”

Fehrenbacher Cabinets began in 1957 in the two-car garage of Gilbert Fehrenbacher. Nearly 60 years later, Gilbert’s grandsons Peter, Zach, and Patrick Fehrenbacher and longtime employee Jim Balbach now lead the company.

Times may have changed, but the company’s dedication to quality has not. Fehrenbacher Cabinets, 8944 Big Cynthiana Road, offers a more custom experience than the stores that sell particleboard cabinets in a limited number of sizes and colors. Instead, Fehrenbacher Cabinets offers a custom experience for all projects — from residential to commercial, woods from oak or cherry to alder or wormy maple, with various finishes from custom paint colors to stain, as well as styles from ultra-modern to rustic.

“There’s no limitation to what we can do here,” says Patrick. “We can build any size cabinet, any finish, any style they want. It’s really endless. When somebody comes in here, you’re dealing with one person, one company that has 100-percent control over their product, and it shows why our products excel.”

In the showroom, customers view kitchen displays to determine their style. Once the project is designed, it is created in the mill by hand through a process of cutting, assembly, sanding, and finishing. Finally, professional installation completes the process.

“There’s really no two projects the exact same. We may go one day working on an extremely rustic style of furniture for a hunting lodge to the next day working on an ultra-modern style for a loft Downtown,” says Patrick.

“We pride ourselves on not being the quickest, but the best,” adds Peter. “We want to give our customers a product that will last a lifetime.”

For more information about Fehrenbacher Cabinets, call 812-963-3377 or visit fehrenbachercabinets.com.

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