Water-Based Solutions

Lakes and ponds are all around Southwest Indiana.

“Many of these water bodies have access vegetation and could benefit from an aeration system, a decorative fountain, or could use assistance in improving their fish population,” says Matthew Johnson, vice president of sales and marketing for Aquatic Control Inc.

Since 1966, Aquatic Control goes out to lakes and ponds and applies a specific treatment to control overgrown algae and weeds, among other things. That’s what it will continue to do since purchasing Big Creek Fish & Aquatics, based in Wadesville, Ind., in November 2012.

The company’s professional staff of 25 includes trained biologists, licensed aquatic applicators, and technicians. They work to perform lake management services including aquatic vegetation control, fishery management and water quality enhancement, diffused and floating aeration system designs, installation and maintenance, decorative fountain installation and maintenance, and do-it-yourself pond management programs.

Bob Theim, the former owner of Big Creek & Aquatics, works on staff with Aquatic Control to help with the transition. Also assisting him are Nate Eddy, Chris Jordan, Cody Sunby, and Mike Essex. They serve the nearly 300 water bodies in the Southwest Indiana territory.

Aquatic Control has office locations in Seymour, Ind., Valparaiso, Ind., Truesdale, Mo., and Elizabethtown, Ky. Yet it plans to have an office located in the greater Evansville area in 2014.

“Although we have done work in the Evansville area for many years, we have never been dedicated to this area until now,” Johnson says. “With the number of employees that we currently have involved in the operation in Southwest Indiana, there will be additional employment opportunities as this office continues to grow.”

Aquatic Control owes much of its success to the leadership and talents of Bob Johnson, David Isaacs, and its employees, Johnson says. The company continues to work closely with manufacturers, university personnel, and others involved in the production, testing, and regulation of aquatic products.

“Aquatic Control Inc. is dedicated to helping pond owners improve their aquatic resources and solving whatever problems they may be dealing with,” Johnson says.

For more information about Aquatic Control Inc., visit www.aquaticcontrol.com.

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