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The Catholic Foundation of Southwestern Indiana just received a slick update for its pre-existing website. Todd Brock, executive director of the Foundation, says, “The mission of The Catholic Foundation is to help individuals create legacies to serve God through Catholic causes.”

The Foundation serves nearly 80,000 Catholics in the Diocese of Evansville. Its website is easily navigated and intuitive, featuring four pop-up informational tabs that discuss parish life, Catholic education, social services, and vocations.

“We decided to create a new site to fully communicate and engage the Catholic and general populations of the region to become better aware of what we do, how we do it, and how they can make a difference within the scope of our mission,” says Brock.

Don’t miss: The site is updated regularly, providing visitors with additional resources such as events, stories, photos, and other information.

“Our website is the ‘front-porch’ for individuals to become more acquainted with what we do. The website will help us build capacity in our communication efforts, and engagement with constituents,” says Brock.

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For more information about the Catholic Foundation of Southwestern Indiana, visit catholicindiana.org.

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