Taryn & Alison Petrash-Hall

Taryn and Alison Petrash-Hall’s love bloomed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They met through Tinder on New Year’s Eve 2020, when Alison relinquished control of her account to her best friend, Kristen. Little did they know that three years later, they would marry in Kristen’s Evansville backyard.

“2020 was such a horrible year for all of us,” Alison says, “but meeting on New Year’s Eve felt like the start of something new and wonderful.”

The couple proposed to each other on their first anniversary. Taryn, a Louisville, Kentucky native, and Alison, a former Evansville resident and Signature School grad, were wed on April 29, 2023, in the garden at Semper Fulgens, a quaint rental on Kristen’s property in the Riverside Historic District. Her husband Matthew played guitar during the ceremony. Longtime friend Amanda served as photographer, while their friend Hannah officiated the ceremony.

“Having all of these personal touches made the day feel truly ours, and it meant that we were working with people we really trusted on the details that mattered most,” Alison says.

They envisioned a 1970s garden party, and Taryn describes the vibe as “funky ‘60s-‘70s meets ‘Bridgerton.’” The duo spent months thrifting unique decor pieces for the table settings. They made their own flower arrangements and, in lieu of cake, offered a doughnut tower from Donut Bank.

Guests sipped on rosé berry sangria, played yard games, and fed violets to Kristen’s chickens, whose coop is nearby. A highlight was an impromptu speech by their seven-year-old nephew, Cooper, who shared his joy about their marriage.

In homage to a Ginkgo tree right outside Semper Fulgens that they loved, Taryn wore gold Ginkgo leaf earrings and Alison sported a gold Ginkgo leaf necklace.

“We only learned later that the trees symbolize enduring love and hope because they can live for thousands of years,” Alison says.

Vendors included:
• Photographer – Amanda Steinback
• Stylist and Emcee – Lindsey Couch, Kitsch Salon
• Catering – Just Rennie’s and Donut Bank
• Tailor – Sew Fitting in New Albany, Indiana
• Venue – Semper Fulgens
• Music – Matthew O’Neill

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