Welcome to Goeddesburg

When Tom Goedde (pronounced “getty”) proposed to Mary Fold, the couple planned to marry in 2004 and live happily ever after in Tom’s home in St. Wendel with their combined seven children ages 13-21. It was a real-life Brady Brunch experience in a small, close-knit community on the west edge of Evansville.

The Goeddes credit a neighbor, Clay Allison, owner of Allison Quality Woodworking, for one of the most visible and endearing wedding gifts. His handcrafted wooden sign reads, “Welcome to Goeddesburg.”

Complemented by a colorful landscape of irises, roses, lilies, and other perennials, the sign sits off the road along the Goeddes’ driveway. The sign may receive the attention, but Mary is keen on the flowers. “It seems like,” she says, “there’s always something blooming down there.”

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