June 17, 2019
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The Pie Plot

Nothing is sweeter than digging in to a giant slice of your favorite pie, so we gathered some of the nicest slices around town to make your dessert shopping easy as ... well, you get the picture.

 1. Sweet Potato Pie 
Grannie’s Secret Homemade Dessert. 1701 Oak Hill Road, 812-437-5757.

 2. Apple Pie 
Sweet Bettys Bakery. 5600 E. Virginia St., Ste. E, 812-402-3889.

 3. Key Lime Pie 
Piece of Cake. 210 Main St., 812-424-2253.

 4. Coconut Meringue 
The Cross-Eyed Cricket. 2101 W. Lloyd Expressway, 812-422-6464.

 5. Signature “Be Happy” cherry Pie 
Be Happy Pie Company. 2818 B Mount Vernon Ave., 812-449-7718.

 6. German Chocolate Pie 
Pie Pan. 905 N. Park Drive, 812-425-2261.


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