Across the Board

When Lindsay Locasto was a kid, she always asked to arrange the relish tray for holiday parties. Today, she has grown her love of food boards into her hobby Spread + Slice out of Henderson, Kentucky, making charcuterie boards for family, friends, and local events.

“Grazing is an easier way to be social, rather than a sit-down meal,” says Locasto. “It’s a good conversation piece to stand around and say, ‘Try this. Try this with that.’”

One thing many people underestimate about putting together a charcuterie board is the investment it takes, both financially and in time. Locasto says she tries to source her ingredients locally as much as possible. It also takes planning to create a flow across the board.

When putting a board together, Locasto always thinks about the balance between flavors, textures, and colors and keeps in mind practical issues, like separating bread and crackers from elements that could make them soggy. Having a variety of items also keeps everyone happy. What is good to one person may not be good to someone else, she says.

“The part I like the most about it and the most challenging is that it is like a puzzle,” says Locasto. “I usually start with the cheese and then build from there on how it’s going to look. There is a method to the madness.”

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