All Fired Up

Fire pits are a growing – and glowing – trend in outdoor living over the past several years. A fire creates an extra feature to pull you outside and create a gathering area for friends and family to sit, talk, and relax.

In our busy lives, we might not always be able to get away to go camping and create a roaring camp fire, but there are many options to add fire to outdoor spaces.

The first decision to make when adding fire to your space is whether you want to have a wood-burning fire or a gas-burning fire.

If you are looking for the traditional smell and sound of a crackling fire then the wood burning option would be the way to go. A real fire can be labor intensive — collecting wood, starting the fire, keeping the flame burning, and then tending to the coals once the fire has gone out.

For someone looking for a quick and more carefree fire, then a gas fire may be the best choice. It can be as easy as flipping on a switch or turning a valve and lighting a match to have a fire to enjoy.

Fire pits can be customized to your needs and can burn either gas or wood. There are endless ways of building fire pits, including masonry options as well as simple stacked stone options. They can be flush to the ground or recessed a bit, or raised depending on the preference.

Although they might not be used for creating warmth or gathering around, torches, lanterns, and candles can be used to add a bit of character and charm to an outdoor space if you’re not looking to have a larger fire to deal with.

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