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An Offer

Be careful what you offer a magazine editor. She will likely recall what was proffered — just when she needs it — and soon you’re rolling off a German manroland web press and onto the pages of Evansville Living.

That’s how our Home Style feature on Evansville, Indiana, native Joni Matthews came about. Joni had worked with us before, a long time ago (on the cover of the November/December 2003 issue), so when in a casual social media conversation she said, “I’d love to work with you again on something for the magazine,” I took her up on it. I suspected Joni had a lovely home with stories to share, and I was right. What’s more, Joni was keen on our idea to bring her home and stories to life by inviting us to document a party for her family and friends — several with a shared history of the stately East Side home. Joni and her sister, Marcia Matthews Hocker, dispel the notion we occasionally hear that “no one entertains any more.” Let our story (page 60) be inspiration for you to gather with friends as the days shorten.

Fifteen years ago, Creative Director Laura Mathis offered to design our upstart magazine. During a chance encounter (please see Laura’s comments, page 15), about to deliver her second daughter, Laura told me she could completely graphically design Evansville Living. She competed for the job, and has created the visual brand of Evansville Living for 15 years. Laura and I were classmates at Western Kentucky University in the 1980s. We meshed well from the very start of this magazine, sharing a stylistic love of color. It’s with tremendous admiration and appreciation that we say goodbye to Laura with this issue. As the pages you are reading hit the presses, Tucker Publishing Group’s first and only creative director to date, Laura, will have packed her old school proportional wheel and the Seaside Modica Market coffee mug she brought the first day she came to work full time with us.

Laura was connected to Evansville even before she joined TPG; it was at Link Graphics (formerly Light & Ink) that the pregnant Laura, working as a graphic artist, made me an offer that turned into a 15-year adventure. Laura says she is looking forward to getting to better know her adopted hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky (She is from Louisville, Kentucky.) We’re betting she will visit the city she worked to brand frequently. Thank you, Laura!

Laura is leaving us in great shape. Heather Gray, who has worked closely with Laura on page design on all of our magazines and custom projects for nearly five years, will now serve as creative director. Heather, with over 15 years experience in graphic design, is joined in the art department by Hannah Jay, art director, and Julie Hope, graphic designer.

We’re pleased to present the 13-page story on theater in Evansville (and the region), page 42. Our theater history is rich. At the University of Evansville, John David Lutz celebrates his 50th year — yes, 50! — at University of Evansville’s esteemed theater department. Across town, the University of Southern Indiana is building a premier teaching theater and also oversees New Harmony Theatre, attracting professional theater artists from all over the world. I encourage you to buy tickets — and have a little party before or after the show.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Kristen K. Tucker
Publisher & Editor

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