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Quaint and Curious

“I have two loves in my life besides my family — art and gardening,” says artist Jaime Haney. “And a lot of times, they fight each other.”

Haney’s home studio is a combination of both loves, with an attached greenhouse, a koi pond just outside the windows, multiple plants, and Mocee Mimosa Moxie — the studio cat.

Nature is the theme of Haney’s paintings, which focus on plants, insects, flowers, cats, birds, and a tropical series.
“I’m not afraid of color,” confesses Haney. “I stay away from pastel colors and I paint almost exclusively in acrylics. I’ve done a few oils but I like acrylic so I can have it right now.”

Birds, especially ravens, are a favorite subject matter of the artist, who cites her dad’s habit of watching “Nova” for the fascination.

“I’m kind of on the morbid side myself,” says Haney. “If you look around, you can kind of see the influence (in my work). I kind of like the dark stuff and I’m into ravens right now.”

Her series “Nevermore” is based on the Edgar Allen Poe poem “The Raven.”

“Everything pretty much comes from my imagination; I’m not much of a still-life person,” says Haney. “Although, I do have to use photo references sometimes.”

Haney started painting in 2012 and has always considered herself an artist like her father, Keith Brannon, who was drafted during the Vietnam War as an artist at the Pentagon, and then worked in the audiovisual department at Keller Crescent Co. Haney worked as art director of Kitch & Schreiber before deciding to stay home with her son.

“I thought, this is a great time to explore my art,” says Haney. “I’ve always wanted to paint. I’ve had an interesting life and I’m fortunate enough to be able to do this. My goal is just to get better — to keep painting, exploring, and learning.

”Haney participates in art shows around the Tri-State including the upcoming Funk in the City on Sept. 27.

For more information on Jaime Haney visit jaimehaney.com or facebook.com/jaimehaneyartist. For more information on Funk in the City, visit funkinthecity.com.

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