Apples to Apples

When I mention that I have kept an “apple diary,” I tend to get odd looks. Since there are more than 7,000 varieties of apples in the world, this was my method of keeping track of the tasty (or sometimes, not so tasty) attributes of each type I tried. Nerdy? Perhaps. Helpful? Definitely!

After days of analysis — without a doctor in sight — I now know which kinds are the most appealing to me. Here, I’ve picked a few apples to share with you. Whether you eat them out of hand or baked in a pie, use these tips as a guide on your next shopping trip.

Fuji: These very sweet apples have recently grown in popularity. With a firm texture and crisp bite, they are excellent for snacking and also store well.

Gala: Available year-round, this common apple can be found at most markets. Similar to a Fuji, though milder, it has a sweetness that many deem perfect for making applesauce.

Cortland: With just a hint of tartness, Cortland apples have a crisp, white flesh that resists browning, making them a good choice for salads and garnishes.

Honeycrisp: A favorite for many, this newer apple is sweet, juicy, and satisfyingly crunchy. However, because of a limited growing season and high demand, they tend to be pricier.

Pink Lady®: My go-to apple for regular eating, these have a thin skin, creamy texture, and sweet-tart flavor. A great all-purpose variety, they are universally pleasing and popular.

Koru: A new variety I recently tried, the Koru is a hybrid of Gala and Braeburn apples, with the best attributes of each. They are crisp, aromatic, have a tangy bite but a sweet aftertaste.

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