Ninety Days to Sell

You didn’t know you needed down-filled, silk-covered, Art Deco Tuxedo chairs, until you walked into Kim’s Consigned Designs in the Apple Center in Newburgh, Ind. Yet, there you are — face to face with the comfortable, well-kept chairs you end up taking home at a reasonable cost, in a large store, with a variety of other selections to choose from.

Kim Ross, who has a background in design and sales, opened her family owned business with her husband, Jacob, in December 2008. Patterned on other successful local consignment businesses and retail furniture stores, Kim’s Consigned Designs seeks to promote high-quality furniture and accessories priced to sell from the outset.

“I want it to feel like a furniture store,” Ross says of her 13,000-square-foot business, which is set up in small vignettes, allowing customers to get a sense of how the furnishings and accessories will look in their own homes. There are couches, lamps, pillows, mirrors, dressers, benches, coffee tables, and paintings, too, for the customer who is looking for one particular object — or maybe no one thing in particular.

Ross knows when furniture is more likely to move, like desks in August, or patio furniture in the spring. She also doesn’t accept every piece of furniture that comes her way. Ross requires consigners to e-mail photographs of items they wish to sell to get the process started. She sets all prices and takes a 50 percent commission. She may reduce the price of an item up to 30 percent from the original price in order to sell the item within 90 days.

For more information on Kim’s Consigned Designs, call 812-490-6595 or visit

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