Art Explosion

The Art Explosion Tour raises funds for Alhambra Theatre’s renovations. Built in 1913, the theater is transforming into the premiere entertainment space in Evansville’s Arts District. The exterior facade recently was completed, and now the interior restoration must be completed. On Sept. 21-23, the tour will offer music, food, art, and fun on Haynie’s Corner at four different venues.

Venue One opens Friday night at the Events Gallery. Known as the Red Zone, local (and national) Gore Galore, a company that specializes in props whose work has appeared on Law and Order, will showcase their props and costumes. (Must be 21 and up.)

Enter the Green Zone on Saturday at Venue Two across from Patchwork Central. This family-based venue will have a “Pop-Up” Park and a mural competition for local university and high school students.

The third and fourth venues are Saturday night and Sunday. The Yellow Zone is at Billy Hedel’s Studio (see our story, “Triple Threat,” on page 110), for practiced artists to showcase their work. Outside, the Evansville Fire Family will perform.

The Purple Zone is at the “Pop-Up” Gallery for mixed-medium artists. The Funk and Zion will provide live music, and food will be available.

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