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Ballpark Bliss

Fuel up on these summer treats while taking in an Evansville Otters home game.

Food is an essential part of any ballpark experience, and the Evansville Otters consistently tweak their concessions menu to give baseball fans tasty, fun options each season.

Evansville Living asked Brycen Moore, the Otters’ director of operations/food and beverage, about what’s cooking this summer at 108-year-old Bosse Field.

Hot dogs are a top seller at Bosse Field, but the brat “isn’t too far behind,” Moore says. Choose from a plain sausage or kick up some spice with a jalapeno cheddar bratwurst.

Beer-battered fries
As a side dish or a stand-alone treat, fried potatoes are a smash, and the Otters’ fries “are a big favorite around here, especially at the grill,” Moore says. “We pride ourselves on having a nice fry option for fans to have.”

Ice Cream helmet

Ice cream
Treat yourself to a scoop of rainbow sherbet, Buckeye, and more flavors in a plastic souvenir batting helmet. The Otters last year added a blue helmet with the club’s “E” logo on the front. Bonus: Post-ice cream, the helmets make perfect snack dishes.

Pulled pork nachos
The Otters this season started a new concession stand featuring barbecue, as well as nachos, and this has presented some fun combinations. The pulled pork nachos “have been a hit this year,” Moore says. Besides the barbecue-nacho combos, other options are pulled pork or chicken sandwiches, as well as ribs.

Southern chicken sandwich
Mindful of how popular fast-food fried chicken sandwiches have become, the Otters added a version to their menu that’s warm, juicy, and flavorful. “The southern chicken sandwich is kind of a hidden gem around here, and it’s one of the better-tasting options on the menu, in my opinion,” Moore says.

Spicy cheese curds
Fans of the jalapeno cheddar bratwurst might want to consider the cheese curds as a side choice, and Moore adds they are a favorite among Otters staff. “You have to be a fan of spicy food to eat them,” he says. “We go through quite a bit each game.”

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