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Welcome to the New Year! Whether you view 2017 as a stellar year, or if from your vantage point it is a year best seen in the rear view mirror, most of us hope for a better next year. At this magazine, we begin each year not only with the hope of better, but with the Best of Evansville — the results of the readers’ poll conducted in the fall, along with a few editors’ picks sprinkled in.

“The Best of Evansville,” we’ll hear from time to time, “decided by readers, and not experts?” Why, yes, of course! For 16 years we’ve conducted the Best of Evansville poll and for 16 years we have kept the focus on readers. That’s what we strive to do in every piece of content we produce. And that’s why I never want to let too much time pass without thanking the readers of Evansville Living. Without you, there would be no Evansville Living.

For readers of magazines, not just city magazines and this city magazine, the news is good.

“If you view the media landscape through the lens of the consumer, magazine media brands can — and do — change the world for better.”
— Linda Thomas Brooks, President and CEO of MPA, the Association of Magazine Media

Happy New Year! As always, I look forward to hearing from you!

Kristen K. Tucker
Publisher & Editor


Favorite Page of the Issue, 136

You will have to flip to the last page of this magazine to see my favorite. Eighteen years into this job, I still look forward to the daily mail: every day a stack of subscription and renewal orders arrives and I often receive packages from readers with ideas and comments. Such a package arrived in late October from a Mr. Robert Hartman.

Inside was a neatly hand-written note and copy of a drawing he had made of the steamboat Betsy Ann. Would I be interested in seeing his drawings for possible publication? I wish I could be personally engaged with every subject we write about in Evansville Living. Since I cannot, Staff Writer Elisa Gross and Photograher Zach Straw met Hartman, who they described as delightful. By the time you read this letter, I plan to have visited the retired Whirlpool engineer to bring him a stack of magazines.

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