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Rita Meeks said if she could find a spot that felt perfect, she would open a boutique in Newburgh, Indiana. Mid-March last year, she opened R4 Design at 707 State St., in the new complex that also houses The Tin Fish.

“The more I was around Newburgh, the more I fell in love with the town,” says Meeks. “The more I came down around the old town, it’s just charming to me.”

R4 Design isn’t Meeks’ first venture. The Evansville native also owns two shops in French Lick, Indiana — R4 Boutique at 469 S. Maple St. and Refined by R4 inside the French Lick Resort. Each shop has distinct products and atmospheres.

At her boutique in Newburgh, Meeks says popular lines are K. Carroll vegan leather accessories, Chala handbags, and Spartina, Splendid Iris, Larissa Loden, and Luca and Dani jewelries. Outside of women’s accessories, the shop also offers women’s clothing, baby items, skincare products, home décor, and even products for men.

Kelly Hamilton, a sales associate with R4 Design, says the men enjoy having a spot geared toward their needs, because they aren’t used to having that in many boutiques.

One of Meeks’ favorite parts of R4 Design, however, is helping customers find items that will bring a focal point and personality to the spaces in their home.

“I like to have pieces where you can feel a connection to your home and not feel like you’re walking into someone else’s place,” she says. “I enjoy when people find things and they feel like it makes them happy. They’re going to have joy just having it around.”

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