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Market 323 (323 Main St.) opened Downtown in June. This laid-back, eclectic restaurant offers anytime wine tours/tasting for any level wine enthusiasts — from beginners to know-it-alls. Its made-to-order menu offers dishes from paninis and pizzas to build-your-own salads and portabello bites. The owner, Kentucky native Kendra Wells, wanted a southern vibe in Downtown Evansville as well as an artistic staff of mostly musicians. The interior restaurant seats up to 80 people, with additional seating outdoor for 40. … Lincoln Garden (2001 Lincoln Ave.) has opened near Memorial High School and the University of Evansville. The takeout-style restaurant serves classic Chinese dishes such as crab Rangoon, General Tso’s chicken, and peanut butter chicken. …The Pointe (830 LST Drive) is the newest restaurant to take on the location along the Ohio River, following a seafood restaurant that burned and a short-lived pizza shop. The sports bar offers a concession stand experience with a menu of hot dogs, breadsticks, sandwiches, ice cream, tacos, salads, and pizzas…. The Fresh Market (6401 East Lloyd Expressway) opened in June, making it the fourth of its kind in Indiana. The atmosphere is what CEO Craig Carlock says is reminiscent of old-world European markets, and offers 20,900 square feet with a bakery of 30 breads and 14 pies daily, as well as ready-to-serve entrees, fresh seafood, and more than 200 varieties of imported and domestic cheese.


The Jungle (415 Main St.) has reopened under new management in the historical Barrett-Baitz building Downtown with co-executive chefs Andrew Wiggers and Gerad Stull. It has been remodeled to look like the original 1875 architecture and includes two cocktail bars. The Jungle offers 10 courses during dinner hours. The menu includes pumpkin seed crusted braised pork and spinalis faux filet….Longtime Evansville Living staff favorite YWCA Tea Room (118 Vine St.) now serves specialized dishes for each day of the week. Mondays and Thursdays offer chicken and dumplings; Taco Tuesdays have dishes such as quesadillas; Wednesdays are miscellaneous, with dishes of soups and beef stroganoff; Fridays are Italian days with meatball subs and a variety of pasta dishes.

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