Classically Trained

Three vintage mixers decorate the mantle in Tanya Bunning’s downtown Newburgh, Indiana, bakery. The classic machines serve as a daily reminder of the labor of love of baking and the family tradition, which it was built upon.

Bunning, 29, grew up in Evansville baking with her mother Gail Brockman, who did in-home baking until she was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome seven years ago.

“I started taking over the business for her and I fell in love with it,” says Bunning. “I always wanted to have a little café and I decided I was going to do just desserts because that’s what I know and love. My husband Jason and I were saving and thought, ‘You know, maybe one day it will happen.’ The timing was right and we saw this space available.”

Bunning opened My Vintage Mixer at 300 W. Jennings St. in August and she’s found immediate success in the community. My Vintage Mixer sells a wide range of desserts, including cupcakes, cheesecake cups, pie pops, cookies, Rice Krispies treats, and specialty coffee drinks. She also makes birthday and wedding cakes.

Many of Bunning’s treats originated from recipes from her mother and grandmothers, Rosie Brockman and Marylou Nuhring, but with her own signature twists. The cupcake recipe comes from her mother, but Bunning also adds in eggless cookie dough balls for a cookie dough cupcake treat, and the pecan pie is her grandmother Brockman’s recipe — made into a pie pop.

Since opening, Bunning, who has a 2-year-old daughter named Rori, has done all of the baking herself. My Vintage Mixer recently added an additional baker to help with the holiday season.

For more information about My Vintage Mixer, call 812-490-0909 or visit its Facebook page.

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