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Cold Hard Facts

Are you an ice cream person or a frozen yogurt person? Do you prefer sherbet or sorbet?  (And which one cleanses your palate?) As we await warmer weather, here’s a primer on everyone’s favorite scoop.

Ice Cream

What is it? According to the USDA, ice cream should have at least 20 percent milk solids and 10 percent milk fat by weight. In addition to both milk and cream, sweeteners account for about 15 percent of the dessert.
*Where to try it? Lic’s Deli & Ice Cream, G.D. Ritzy’s, Bliss Artisan Emge’s Deli and Ice Cream 

Soft Serve

What is it? While soft serve ice cream is made with all the same ingredients as regular or hard ice cream, it’s lower in milk fat and is produced at a warmer temperature. Another key difference is soft serve contains added air.
*Where to try it? Big-Top Drive In, Zesto, TF Ice Cream, Silver Bell 


What is it? Gelato, Italian for “frozen,” is made using mostly or entirely milk. With little to no cream, gelato has less fat than ice cream and is denser because it is churned with little added air.
*Where to try it? Jeanne’s Gelato, Pangea Kitchen 

Frozen Yogurt

What is it? Frozen yogurt introduces milk, cream, and sweetener, which are the ingredients for ice cream, to yogurt. Fro-yo can be considered healthier than ice cream because it contains less fat and calories — only if you keep the candy toppings to a limit.
*Where to try it? Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, Second Street Treats, Cold Stone Creamery 


What is it? Often confused with sherbet, sorbet is a fruit-based frozen dessert with little to no dairy, making it friendly to those with lactose intolerance. Sorbets, which cleanse palates, are made with pureed fruits, sugar, and water.
*Where to try it? Lic’s Deli & Ice Cream, Cold Stone Creamery 


What is it? While sherbet is made with fruits, sugar, and water, the dessert also can contain milk, gelatin, or egg whites. Because it contains less dairy, sherbet is lighter and has a lower fat content than ice cream.
*Where to try it? Rivertown Ice Cream Shop, TF Ice Cream, Baskin-Robbins 

Frozen Custard

What is it? Similar to ice cream, egg yolk is the distinguishing feature in frozen custard. Custard must contain at least 1.4 percent egg yolk by weight, but some brands include more. The egg yolks are mostly fat and proteins, which is the key to making the custard soft and creamy.
*Where to try it? Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, Culver’s 

Shaved Ice

What is it? Shaved ice is ice that is finely shaved by a blade, which allows delicious flavoring or syrups to soak in consistently. A variation of this is Hawaiian shave ice, also shaved by a blade and sometimes served with condensed milk, azuki beans, or a scoop of ice cream at the bottom.
*Where to try it? Roy Boy Shaved Ice, Ice Island Grill, Kona Ice of Evansville 

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