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Cozy Crochet

Crochet has come a long way since the days of the Granny Square Vest crafted into symmetrical flower patterns. As the craft of creating patterns by looping yarn through a hooked needle has evolved over the years, so has our love for do-it-yourself products. After you’ve designed your own cozy winter scarf using these instructions, we know you’ll be crazy about crochet, too.

Prerequisite Knowledge

You’ll need a basic understanding of how to crochet, including making a slip knot (sl), chain (ch), single crochet (sc), half-double crochet (hdc), and weaving the ends when finished.  You should understand how to read crochet instructions, and know what the terms and abbreviations mean. If you’ve never crocheted before, you’ll want to research some terms and practice a bit before attempting this scarf.

Supplies You’ll Need

• Size 13/M 9.0mm crochet hook (afghan style shown, preferred for comfort)
• 4 skeins (424 yards) Wool-Ease Thick & Quick or any bulky (6) yarn
• Yarn needle for bulky yarns
• Scissors

Making the Scarf

Photos depict a sample swatch — your piece will be much longer.
• Ch 191, then sc into the third ch from the hook.
• [Ch1, skip 1, hdc in the next. Repeat [ ] to the end, turn.
• Ch2, hdc in the first space, [ch1, hdc in the next space]. Repeat [ ] to the end, turn.
• Repeat this last row for a total of 12 rows, cut the yarn, and pull through the last loop.

End a Skein at the End of a Row

When you near the end of a skein of yarn, stop at the end of a row if it looks like there is not enough left to finish the row. If you misjudge and run out in the middle of a row, just pull it back to the end of the last row and cut the yarn there, then begin again with a new skein.

Leave a long tail at the end of a row (about 10 inches) and incorporate it into the tassels later.

This will eliminate the need to weave in all the tails at the end, and you can save the last bit of yarn from each skein for the tassels.

Making the Tassels

• Cut 48 lengths of yarn about 18 inches long (about the length of your wrist to your shoulder).
• Take two strands, holding them together, and fold them in half.
• Pull the folded loop through a space at the end of a row, about an inch or two, then pull the ends through the loop and pull tight.
• Note: At each end of a row there will be tails from the ends of the yarn. Pull those tails through the tassel loop as well, to hide the tail in the tassel.
• Trim the fringe so it’s all the same length, and you’re done.

For more information about similar products, contact Natalie Jost at Olive Manna through shopolivemanna.com.

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