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Planting Roots

While at a nursery gathering plants for a job, I was surprised when the nursery owner commented that he hasn’t sold as many shade trees as in the past few years. He said customers didn’t want to deal with trees and shrubs, and perennials were in demand. I occasionally have clients with a negative view of trees, but most of their issues stem from incorrect placement or improper maintenance of an existing tree. While there can be additional work involved, the overall benefits of having trees around us far outweigh any of the negative aspects a few trees might bring.  

Trees bring countless benefits to the planet. Not only do these hard- and softwoods aid the environment by removing CO2 and generating oxygen, trees create a sense of environment, enhance our personal pleasure, and add to our home and neighborhood values. 

The fall season is a perfect time to plant a tree. I would like to encourage you to consider planting a tree or several trees this fall to increase the overall positive appearance of our community. Evansville has a rich history in the furniture business due to the wide variety of native hardwood trees found in our area. I would like to pay respect to our hardwood heritage by planting more trees and pledge a commitment to positive growth for our community. 

I plant hundreds of trees a year for my clients and it is engrained in me to incorporate trees wherever I can on projects. It is important to make the proper selection when planting — don’t plant something in which you don’t know how it will grow in the future. When you have a concern with a tree, consult with an arborist, such as the City of Evansville’s Arborist Shawn Dickerson, to help identify and correct any issues that develop.  Sometimes a tree does need to be removed, but a lot can be done to protect existing trees and most of it comes down to simple care and maintenance. Evansville has earned Tree City USA status from the Arbor Day Foundation for 15 years. To achieve this prestige, a city must meet core standards of urban forestry management. 

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