Dinner and a Show

Christin Pelsor was an opera singer in college who turned chef. When she couldn’t choose one passion over the other, she asked, “Why not do both?”

The 27-year-old decided to incorporate the love she has for singing and cooking into her own personalized chef service, Music to Your Mouth, where Pelsor prepares dinner and performs a vocal recital for clients.

“Those were my two specialties and I thought of a creative way to put them together,” Pelsor says. “I said, ‘Why not? Why not just offer it?’ A few people started to take me up on it.”

In 2009, Pelsor earned her bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from the prestigious Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University before her husband’s job took them to Louisville, Ky.

“When you first start off as a musician, you’re told this isn’t going to be something that is going to make you a lot of money,” Pelsor says. “My professors often encouraged people to think of other things to pay the bills. For me, I wanted to go where my passions were. I focused really hard on music when I was at school, but when I finished, I knew I needed to add another skill set.”

Pelsor’s other passion ignited on a college study abroad trip to Italy, where she dabbled in photography and cooking, and then later found the kitchen was a place of comfort and where she socialized with her friends.

Moving to Louisville allowed Pelsor to study at Sullivan University’s National Center for Hospitality Studies, where she earned an associate degree in culinary arts and a personal/private chef certificate.

In August 2011, Pelsor and her husband, Dr. Nathaniel Pelsor, relocated to Evansville where he began working as an optometrist at Talley Eye Care. The next month, Music to Your Mouth was born.

As a personal chef, Pelsor offers delectable choices that cater to the needs of her clients. She gives cooking lessons, creates meal plans, caters, performs for dinner parties, and organizes romantic dinners for two.

Clients customize their menu based on their tastes and nutrition needs, or personalize their own dinner party with theme, style, décor, and music. Pelsor can perform a 30-minute- to hour-long vocal recital with high quality CD accompaniment as after-dinner entertainment. She sings everything from pop and bluegrass to musical theatre and opera.

Pelsor does the grocery shopping for her clients’ meals, cooks in their home while they’re away, and then leaves the kitchen cleaner than the way she found it.

Pelsor splits her time as CEO at A Simple Path, a reverse soup kitchen in Owensboro, Ky., that equips homeless and/or impoverished with skills needed to become self-sufficient and healthy individuals.

“Growing up, I had a family that always sat around the dinner table to eat,” Pelsor says. “That’s not an experience everybody gets. We try to cook a meal together and then eat a meal together. That’s important for human growth and development.”

For more information about Music to Your Mouth, call Christin Pelsor at 812-584-6334 or visit musictoyourmouth.biz

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