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A Seat at the Table

Harold West, 54, isn’t your typical Home Depot lumber sales associate. Eight years ago, he lost his trucking license and, as a result, his job in demolition. Harold soon found himself without a job or home. Fortunately, he also had found the United Caring Shelter, which provides people like Harold with three meals a day and a bed to sleep on at night. The shelter also provides guidance and support to help people secure a new job and to resume living independently. The shelter had Harold organize its basement, which was “in bad shape” before he lived there. “It felt good that they gave me that sort of responsibility,” Harold says. He remains ever grateful for the help he received from the shelter. “I really, really owe them,” he adds.

This Feb. 21 from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., United Caring Services will host its first annual ballroom dance event called “A Seat at the Table.” The event at The Bauerhaus seeks to engage local businesses and raise money to end homelessness. The Browne Sisters will perform, and Mayor Lloyd Winnecke will be the guest speaker. Corporate sponsors will each decorate and bring a chair to represent the homeless who do not have “a seat at the table,” as the event’s title suggests. To purchase tickets, contact Tonya Rine at 812-483-0160 or visit unitedcaringservices.org. Through Jan. 25, tickets will be available for $70 per person; afterwards, tickets will be $100 per person.

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