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Done Well and Well Done

Fourteen-year-old boys do not easily arise from their beds at 6:15 on a Sunday morning. “Let’s go, buddy” usually is followed by an inaudible noise and a groan. However, my son Jackson’s feet promptly hit the floor, and after checking his phone (of course), he headed to the bathroom. After a quick shower, which my water bill can attest is not the norm, he hurried downstairs proudly wearing last year’s Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure volunteer shirt. That T-shirt makes more appearances throughout the year than most of his wardrobe.

We already had dropped off multiple cases of magazines on Saturday afternoon at Eastland Mall, which serves as the race headquarters. The mall parking lot was set up and beginning to look similar to a small city within a city — no small undertaking. On Sunday morning race day, it takes no time at all upon arrival to find immediate pleasure in becoming a small part of such a large event. The 7 a.m. crowd was already large and enjoying the festivities. The color pink was everywhere. There were men in pink tutus, pink dogs, pink glitter, pink clothes, and pink chalk. You get the idea.

No matter how many years you attend, if you don’t get a lump in your throat at some point then you might need to check your pulse. The Survivors’ Parade, in particular, combined with the emotion you feel coming from their supportive families, is a powerful thing. So as we packed up and left, Jackson said, “Dad, this is a really nice event where everything is done right. I can’t believe so many people in Evansville are here today.” In our community, we often are our own most vocal critics, but we need to stop and remember what we do well — even my 14-year-old gets that.

Evansville’s own Donut Bank Bakery & Coffee is certainly another thing in Evansville done well. In an era where there is a serious lack of customer service and understanding of what it involves, Donut Bank is an anomaly. After our feature story “Bank on Them” on page 22, I think I know why, too. Go to any of the nine locations and see for yourself. Great products, great service, and squeaky clean stores inside and out are a few reasons its customers are fiercely loyal.

I also would like to throw out some praise to anyone who had anything to do with the recent Lloyd Expressway and U.S. Highway 41 interchange. From my perspective, it was a total win for our city by removing two stoplights, adding a new pedestrian bridge, and creating a better traffic flow — all while being done on budget and on time. Well done, Ragle, Inc. of Newburgh, Indiana, and the Indiana Department of Transportation as well as city planners.

By the time you skip past my next publisher’s letter, we will have elected our next mayor of our fair city. If you don’t vote in the local election, then don’t write letters complaining about the Mayor, City Council, and community leaders. Period.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Todd A. Tucker

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