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Drowned Delight

When the colder months stifle many frozen treat cravings, Jeanne’s Gelato & More makes the perfect winter coffee concoction by pairing its Italian ice cream in a hot mix.

Owner Valerie Ewers uses an espresso blend coffee from Berries To Beans Co., made by Bill Slatter in Newburgh, Indiana, to create her affogato. Customers then choose their favorite gelato flavor. “I’ve had them all. Usually (they ask for) hazelnut, vanilla, or chocolate,” says Ewers, whose café is located at 2003 Lincoln Ave.

With a scoop of gelato in the glass, she drowns the frozen treat with the shot of espresso, — affogato means “drowned” in Italian — tops it off with whipped cream and her coffee sauce, and then serves the drink with a spoon.

“This way you can sip the espresso and then still eat your gelato,” says Ewers. Affogato is both a dessert and a coffee drink, she adds. “I think that’s why people do buy it … this way they don’t have to get a whole lot of dessert and then they get a coffee too.”

For more information about Jeanne’s Gelato & More, call 812-479-8272, visit jeannesgelato.com, or find the shop’s Facebook page.

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