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Acropolis Restaurant — Spinach Salad
Since Acropolis opened in 1999, the spinach salad has been a mainstay on the menu. Parmesan, sunflower seeds, bacon, and egg top the spinach, but it’s the thick raspberry vinaigrette that makes the salad.

“It’s a super popular dressing,” says assistant manager Whitney Barbary. “The consistency keeps the spinach from getting soggy.”

Grilled salmon and shrimp are popular additions to the dish, which can be ordered in lunch or dinner sizes.

DiLegge’s Restaurant — Bruschette Salad
For DiLegge’s bruschette salad, owner Dan DiLegge brought a taste of his family’s roots from the Abruzzo region of Italy to Evansville.

“Abruzzo is a rural area between the mountains and Adriatic Sea, and it’s a farming region,” says DiLegge.

The salad is only served when fresh Roma tomatoes and basil are available and, along with those essential components, is topped with feta cheese and olive oil and served over pieces of toasted garlic ciabatta bread.

Walton’s International Comfort Food — Al Pastor Quinoa Bowl
The new al pastor quinoa bowl at Walton’s International Comfort Food takes the best of Korean barbecue and turns it into a salad. Mixed greens provide the base for al pastor Korean pork, quinoa, roasted Roma tomatoes, chopped peanuts, and Korean pesto.

“It’s probably my favorite thing,” says general manager Addy Sherman. “We just launched a new menu, and one of our big things was getting more entrée salads that were different.”

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