April / May 2013

Evansville Business

Industrial Strength

Joann Wallace isn’t your typical college student. Great-grandmothers rarely are. Yet that’s not an issue at Ivy Tech Community College - Southwest. At this North Side campus, life experience isn’t just the norm — it’s an asset. And men and

Building Evansville

Kickin’ it Indoors

For years, soccer players in Evansville have played in the rain, mud, and cold weather. Now, they don’t have to. The CMTC Soccer Center, an indoor facility located at 2200 Lynch Road just east of U.S. 41, opened Feb. 1.

Back Talk

David Dial

JOB: Retiring as president/general manager of WNIN Tri-State Public Media Inc. HOMETOWN: Orlando, Fla. HIS RESUME: Dial graduated with a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting from the University of South Florida in Tampa and immediately began work at the college’s radio

Business Front

I Had No Idea…

“I had no idea,” I said to Dr. Dan Schenk for perhaps the third time on a recent Friday morning tour. The morning had started in a conference room, and before the tour began I was completely bowled over (not

Remembering a Leader

A trailblazer in local health care, a motivated worker, and a caring mentor — these are just a few ways to describe Evansville native Marjorie Soyugenc, former executive director and CEO of the Welborn Baptist Foundation. Soyugenc passed away from

Going Old School

When Nicholas Goodman moved back to Evansville in 2010, he wanted to accomplish three things: start a family, buy a house, and open a business. So far, he and his wife, JoAnn, are three for three. Their baby was born

A Taxing Time

It’s that time of year: Bleary-eyed CPAs are racing toward the April 15 tax deadline in hopes of satisfying the IRS, not to mention clients who have dumped a box full of receipts on their desk. While many local residents

Office on Patrol

They lay down the law. And now that the Evansville Police Department has upgraded to 2013 Dodge Charger squad cars, many officers have laid down their pens and papers, too. The new squad cars replace older models of the Crown

Driving Evansville

Bruce Flener may have started out as a bus driver for the Metropolitan Evansville Transit System. Yet after 19 years, he’s easily become a tour guide and a conductor, too. “We all wear a lot of hats,” the 61-year-old says.

Meet & Greet

Whose Site Is It? There are websites for people who want to find a date. And then there are websites for people who just want to find a new friend. Meetup.com bills itself as the world’s largest network of local

Safe and Sound

You likely wouldn’t suspect a thing. After all, like you, lots of people go to coffee shops to work on their laptops. Yet it’s a fact that these same people sitting to your right and left may be using that

The Smartwatch

The 45th Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas is host to up-and-coming technologies, gadgets, and gizmos. Each January, manufacturers and entrepreneurs gather to showcase everything as big as TVs to smartwatches, a new wave of strapping Bond technology that tethers

The One That Got Away

Back in 1989, cod was king as far as the fish n’ chip market was concerned. And when John Tobe, CEO of Long John Silver’s, visited the Trident Seafoods plant on the Aleutian Island of Akutan that summer, all he

Linked to Success

Brian Ward steps up to address a group of 40 colleagues at his new employer, MainSource Bank in Greensburg, Ind. His goal is to convince his fellow bankers — many of whom he hasn’t had time to meet — that

The Sky’s the Limit

Luke White didn’t actually lug an entire piano onto the New York City subway. There was no bona fide drum in Tobias Smith’s hands. And guitarists Eric Espiritu and Philip Galitzine weren’t even close to real, tangible strings. Yet the