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August / September 2013

Evansville Business

Name of the Game

Remember Casino Aztar? The management of Tropicana Entertainment Inc. politely requests that you expunge that name from your memory. The Casino Aztar brand, ingrained into the public consciousness for 17 years by company management, the City of Evansville, and the state of Indiana, was officially tossed overboard in June. Forget the radio, television, newspaper, magazine, billboard, Facebook, and direct mail advertising of the past. Remember the new name for the gambling establishment on Evansville’s riverfront: Tropicana Evansville.

Back Talk

Clifton Sifford

Job: CEO, President, and Chief Merchandising Officer of Shoe Carnival Hometown: Charlotte, N.C. His Story: Beginning in the shoe business 38 years ago as a salesperson on the floor while attending the University of North Carolina Charlotte, Clifton Sifford remained in his home state until 1997 when Shoe Carnival hired him away from Belk. He and his wife, Kathy, have a second home in Charlotte, where they spend time with two daughters, Emily and Amanda, as well as two grandsons, Lucas and Sam.

Business Front

What Would Aunt Bee Do?

Often I am at home during the noon hour for either a quick lunch and to let my dog out, or in the summer to be a short-order cook for a couple of young men who can take on extensive projects of their choosing, but seemingly can’t make a roast beef sandwich. During that time at home, if it’s 12:30 I am absolutely turning on the classic reruns of the Andy Griffith Show. If you’re a fan of the show — and frankly, if you are of my generation, who isn’t? — you, also like me, probably have a strong preference for the episodes filmed in black and white.

Creative Opportunity

Two years ago, Begley Art Source and its director, Chris Jackson, seized an opportunity. After a number of years spent on the sixth floor of 915 Main St., Chris and her fellow Begley employee, Joycelyn Todisco, moved to the first floor of the Landmark Building. With its open spaces and large, white walls, Suite 108 is an ideal fit for what Begley Art Source hopes to accomplish.

Coffee and Tea for Two

“At our age, life’s too short for a cup of bad coffee,” Elsie Rhoads, 93, once told her daughter, Regina Smith. Now, Smith and her business partner, Beans and Baristas co-owner Phyllis Wolf, employ this motto every day since opening their coffee shop in Eastland Mall on Feb. 17, 2012.

Golden Girl

As a switchboard operator, Jo Mary Kirk was accustomed to fielding about 100 calls a day. However, back in 1963, she didn’t have the luxury of a simple hold button. When she started at Atlas Van Lines, the Posey County native worked fast to plug in the cords necessary to connect calls in a cord switchboard. In fact, she memorized the extensions for almost all of the company’s 100 to 125 employees.

Health Insurance and You

Depending on your point of view, Oct. 1 will be the day when you smile and sing out  “Hallelujah!” or the day when you scowl and complain. That’s when the Affordable Care Act truly kicks into gear. Marketplace exchanges open Oct. 1 for the purchase of health insurance, creating a path for 25 million uninsured Americans to receive comprehensive medical coverage. For those of us already covered, the question is: “How does this affect me?”

Judging the Future of Law Schools

Back in 1969, when Harrison High School graduate Randall Shepard headed off to study law at Yale University, he was part of a record legion of students who aspired to the legal profession. That year, the nation’s law schools saw more than a 23-percent increase in first-year enrollment over the previous year, signaling a decades-long boom in law school attendance.

Riding it Out

It’s less than three miles from his house near Bosse High School to his office at Raben Tire Co. on Green River Road, where he is a sales associate. Yet Jim Snyder, a longtime bicycle enthusiast, uses his morning ride to work up a sweat before he even starts his workday. From Bayard Park Drive to Walnut Lane, then to Bellemeade and Hebron avenues, Jim pedals his way toward continuing health — and a steady paycheck. “I take the same route everyday, it never changes,” he says. “It adds enough tenths of a mile to get exactly 13 (miles) in a day.”

Sister Act

When an F3 tornado ruptured Evansville on Nov. 6, 2005, taking more than 20 lives and demolishing hundreds of homes, the Tri-State response was immediate: ambulances, donated labor and funds, vigils, and round-the-clock news coverage. Yet one reaction was a surprise, and that was the support from residents in Tochigi City, Japan.

60 Second Business Strategy

On The Right Track

Networking is known to be the key to success, which is probably the reason behind the popular phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Fast Trackers BNI Networking Group is based in Evansville and is made up of business owners and professionals who come together to help each other obtain qualified referrals and more business. “It’s like having your group of friends recommending your business every day,” says Theresa Baggett, owner of Fusion Spa & Boutique and a member of the Fast Trackers.