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City View 2012


Ten Restaurants We Love Right Now

Our vibrant, independent restaurants offer a range of culinary styles: Fiesta Acapulco 8480 High Pointe Drive, Newburgh www.fiestaacapulco.com With a variety of fresh salads, as well as lunch and dinner specials, Fiesta Acapulco is a great way to satisfy your

The Short Race

For short-winded running enthusiasts, 13-milers and marathons aren’t exactly runs in the park. Luckily, Evansville offers several organized races with distances of four miles or less. Not only are they a great opportunity to get in shape and stay healthy,

Remember When

In 1811, Hugh McGary lived in a small cabin near what is now Princeton, Ind. The fur trader traveled often to see the friendlier Indian tribes in the forest area of extreme Southwest Indiana. He sometimes crossed the Ohio River

Who Knew

Raising the Barre

As I pull up to the Uhr home on Evansville’s East Side, 17-year-old Jonathan comes out to greet me. The exuberant young man calls, “Hi Wendy!” and holds out his arm to escort me into the house, where Buster, the

River City Revealed

The Original Discount Superstore

Since Tennessee native Ralph Glenn opened the Super Flea Market on South Kentucky Avenue in the early 1990s, thousands of bargain shoppers dedicate the first weekend of each month to browsing its 13 aisles for everything from antiques, perfumes, T-shirts,

In The Know

Magic on Main

When Downtown’s stunning $127.5 million Ford Center opened at the corner of Main Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard last November, fans flooded the gates for its opening act of Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band and packed

One Way or Another

More than four months have passed since Downtown Evansville’s traffic changes went into effect, including new traffic patterns and traffic signals. Although at least one minor accident and a lot of wrong turns resulted that September morning, most Downtown drivers

New Man in Charge

Timing is everything — that’s what Evansville’s new mayor, Lloyd Winnecke, believes. It was only within the last couple of years that he started to think about running for mayor. He had a solid job for more than 13 years

Interview Evansville

Arts Smarts

Nola F. Wright became the new director of the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana in August 2011, two years after moving to Evansville from Kansas with her husband, Richard Coates. The former attorney always has been involved in the arts

Call Him Chuck

When Bishop Charles C. Thompson was ordained as Evansville’s fifth bishop on June 29, 2011, it was with all the fanfare and ceremony the post evokes. Meet the man behind the vestments — the spiritual leader with an undergraduate degree

Conversation with a Congressman

Since he moved to Warrick County in 1998, U.S. Rep. Larry Bucshon has dedicated more than a decade to serving the River City and its surrounding communities. He’s the former president of Ohio Valley HeartCare, former chief cardiothoracic surgeon for

Who We Are

It’s Always Something

The historic Boehne home on Lincoln Avenue just west of U.S. Highway 41 still sits with the grandeur it possessed 100 years ago. Built in 1912 by John W. Boehne, a former Evansville mayor, U.S. Congressman, and public servant, the

What We Do

Home of the Brave

On the corner of Michigan and Garfield streets in the Jacobsville area of Evansville sit three stories of patriotic refuge. The 27-unit apartment building — a product of the local nonprofit organization ECHO Housing Corporation — opened in December 2011,

Great isn’t Good Enough

Evansville already has nationally ranked hospitals: Deaconess has earned a Solucient 100 Top Hospitals award for cardiac and orthopedic services and a US News and World Report Best Hospitals ranking for hormonal disease services, while St. Mary’s has achieved ranking

What We Like

College Students Get Lit

Good literature is alive and well, thanks to local higher education. The University of Evansville and University of Southern Indiana collectively publish six literary publications each year — two by faculty and four largely produced by students. They showcase a

Rebuilding Strong

A continued string of good players, some patience, much persistence, and a lot of perspective have gone into the first three years of Rodney Watson’s tenure as the men’s basketball coach at the University of Southern Indiana. USI was reeling

Historic Preservation

A Good Deed Brings Good Reads

When Andrew Carnegie, a 19th century industrialist and philanthropic powerhouse, accumulated his multimillion-dollar fortune through his family’s railroad and steel business, he gifted the River City with more than a means of transportation. Carnegie spread his wealth with hefty grants