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October / November 2010

Evansville Business

A Calculated Pitch

A Civic Center conference room is packed on a steamy Wednesday night — so crowded close to 20 spectators have spilled into the hallway. In a half hour, that number grows to 40. People distribute “Stop Nature Abuse: Save Wesselman Park” stickers; a woman holds a sign reading “Anywhere Else Please!” They’re there to see the presentation given by the Evansville Convention & Visitors Bureau to the Board of Park Commissioners.

Building Evansville

Tower Assist

On a September morning, the new tower at Deaconess Gateway Hospital was populated by construction employees sporting hard hats, safety goggles, and orange T-shirts. In November, medical staff in scrubs will replace those workers when the tower’s six floors open to hospital patients.

Business Front


A few years ago, Jeff Roman knocked on the door of an Evansville home. He had with him a Kirby, a vacuum cleaner with marketing moxie claiming to reduce a homeowner’s exposure to allergens. The homeowner greeted Roman, “Get off my porch. I hate salespeople,” he recalls. Roman handed the woman a flyer advertising a free carpet cleaning and began to leave. Because the woman had a recent spill, she changed her mind and allowed Roman inside. One caveat: Roman couldn’t talk while he cleaned the stain on her carpet.

Half Full

I remember a great day in my early childhood in “old” Newburgh when the freshly poured cement was (finally!) dry around the brand-new basketball court and goal installed in my family’s backyard. With new lighting (a single fixture with two spots), hour after hour could be spent doing what millions of other Hoosier youth did while growing up: shooting hoops.

Baby Proof

Robert Titzer never wanted to be on television, yet his journey to infomercials began when his wife, Thea, told him she was pregnant in 1990. Nine months later, Aleka was his firstborn, a pivotal moment for the Evansville native with a passion for learning how people learn. Titzer had a busy life new parents know well: He worked, cleaned house, cooked, and paid bills.

Online Exclusives

A Big Hull

The feature story for the March/April 2009 issue of Evansville Living, “Don John: The Man, the Myth, the Legend,” revealed the struggles of John Hull, a Southwest Indiana farmer who divides his time between his crops in Posey County and Yucatan, a Mexican state.