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Whose Site Is It?
Headquartered in Evansville, Vectren Corp., through its subsidiary, Vectren Energy Delivery, provides energy delivery services to more than 1 million natural gas and/or electric customers throughout central Indiana, Southern Indiana, and west central Ohio.

Vectren’s new and improved website at vectren.com was recently redesigned with touch-screen tablets in mind, featuring less text and more icons. The primary function of the website is to provide self-service functionality and information for its gas and electric customers. Because of the update, it is now easier than ever for customers to manage their energy bill online, and users can even report power outages from a PC or mobile device.

On the home page, the login access is easily visible at the top right of the page. The site also features links for viewers to connect with Vectren’s Twitter and YouTube accounts. The site is concise, sleek, and appealing, with numerous resources for users. It has more than 6 million visits per year, averaging 24,000 per week day, according to Chase Kelley, vice president of corporate communications. A total of 365,000 customers have a registered account with Vectren.com. The site averages 110,000 bill payments a month.

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Check out the innovative online chat feature, which allows users to communicate online with a Vectren customer service representative. This addition is compatible with computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

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Vectren’s in-house eBusiness team.

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