Excellent Fabrication

“The first rule is, it’s got to be fun.”

When artists and friends Keith Boyd and Emily Gartner decided to team up in July, Boyd’s statement was the foundation of their partnership. Boyd paints abstract art on canvases, some of which can be found at the Fresh Harvest Deli in the Old National Building at One Main Street. Gartner takes digital images of these canvas paintings and manipulates the images to create new abstract pieces. And they’ve already won an award: Boyd and Gartner placed second in the Art in the City show on Aug. 2 for their Tiffany blue and orange chair. The cushions are a blend of a solid color of mandarin orange and Boyd’s inspired fabric.

The Curated Loom, Boyd’s and Gartner’s new business, is all about “getting the art out there and in a different format,” Boyd says. Because no two manipulated images are made to be exactly the same, he says there is “something for everybody,” and that their process is incredibly unique. “We’ve done Google search after Google search, and we can’t find anyone who’s doing what we are,” Boyd says. Gartner added that the work is more functional, with practical applications.

The inspiration for this partnership came from the title of the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science annual juried show “Working Together.” It was Gartner’s idea to take photographs of Boyd’s paintings and then toy with them on the computer. Gartner posted the images to Houzz.com, where she has placed a number of her previous digital recreations, and the feedback was incredible, Gartner says. Within roughly 24 hours, a North Carolina art gallery, a retired married couple from Florida, and an interior designer from Sydney, Australia, were all trying to find out more about the images. “Keith’s work is great because it is a non-directional print,” Gartner says, meaning that the fabric can be turned in a variety of ways and still be pleasing to the eye. “Both females and males can relate to it. It can even go in children’s rooms.”

Boyd and Gartner’s business is Internet-based, however the two have plans to exhibit in a number of shows locally and out of town. Shows are planned at the St. James Court Art Show, a juried, fine arts and fine crafts show held in the heart of historic Old Louisville, from Oct. 4-6. Other single art shows are scheduled at the HOOPLA event in the Palette and Pen Studio as a guest artist in Allentown, Pa., Sept. 27-29, and at the Grand Eastonian Hotel in Easton, Pa., over Thanksgiving weekend. Gartner explains the primary business focus will be on residential and commercial interiors as well as art gallery sales. Boyd and Gartner will host the official launch party for the new business on Sept. 21 from 7 to 11 p.m. at the ArtsBeatsEats Studio, 611 Washington Ave.

For more information about Boyd’s and Gartner’s new venture, call 302-727-2767 or visit the ArtsBeatsEats Studio Facebook page, houzz.com/pro/matlgirl, and Keith Boyd Artist Facebook page.

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