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Fresh Perspective

Scroll through Zach Rhea’s Instagram page and Evansville residents will discover a side to the city they most likely have never seen before — a symmetrical view of the Downtown METS bus station, scenic views of the twin boardwalks at Howell Wetlands, and a long-exposure shot of the Lloyd Expressway from the pedestrian overpass near Highway 41.

Along with finding unique locations for his photos, Rhea also likes to experiment with different techniques. His shot over the Lloyd Expressway was his first time working with long-exposure photography, and he also uses a drone to find new angles.

“Especially with the drone, I try to get perspectives you don’t usually see,” he says. “It gives people a new sense of the place where they live.”

As a lifelong resident of the area and now a junior studying public relations and advertising at University of Southern Indiana, photography is a way for Rhea to rediscover his hometown.

“I like to explore and go places, because I’ve lived here for about 20 years,” he says. “But there are still places I find that I don’t know about that make for really cool pictures.”

In A Flash: Follow Rhea at www.instagram.com/zachhrheaa

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