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Full Circle

Christmas cards make great mementos and often are sentimental, but they tend to pile up as the years go by, making them the perfect material to repurpose for holiday crafting. We gathered up our old cards and used them to create a colorful, festive wreath.

To make your own wreath, you will need:
• Christmas cards
• A hot glue gun
• Scissors
• A foam wreath ring
• Toothpicks
• Ribbon

Cut out a holly leaf shape and trace leaves on the inside front of the cards, then cut out the leaves.

Glue toothpicks to the back of each leaf, leaving about 1 inch of toothpick to stick into the wreath.

Stick the leaves into the foam wreath ring at an angle, starting from one spot and working your way around the entire wreath.

Make a bow and attach it to the bottom of the wreath. Use the same ribbon to create a loop and attach it to the top back of the wreath to hang.

Stand back and enjoy your creation, transforming your holiday card stash into a unique keepsake.

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