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Fun in the Sun

For those seeking a fun, creative activity during the sunny days of summer, sun prints are an inexpensive way to use nature to get crafty.

Before you can start, you’ll need:
Sun print paper kit, found at hobby and craft stores

Objects to lay on the paper: flowers, leaves, feathers, or common items lying around your home A flat, sunny surface

To start, make sure you’re working in a semi-dark space; since the sun print paper is light sensitive, you’ll want to stay away from sunlight until your print is ready. Open your kit, which will come with the sun paper and a Plexiglass overlay.

Place one sheet of sun paper on a flat surface and begin to assemble your picture. Add leaves, flowers, or any other objects in interesting ways. Once you’re happy with your picture, place the Plexiglass over the top. Be careful as some things may shift as you lay down the Plexiglass.

Tip: If you have an old cutting board, place your paper on it before you arrange your picture. This will make transporting your project easier.

Take your creation out into the sun. Place it under direct sunlight for at least 1 to 5 minutes. Try to pick a day with less clouds and wind, and be sure to stay away from shadows.

After time is up, take your print back inside to rinse. This is where the cutting board will come in handy, preventing the paper from curling as you run water over it for at least a minute.

Tip: If you would like a more vibrant blue color when your print is dry, fill a tray with water and add a bit of lemon juice, then soak your print.

Once the print has been rinsed, lay it flat on some paper towels to dry. In a few hours, you’ll have a fun, unique picture to hang on your wall!

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