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Funny In Faith

It’s a subject often avoided because of varied stances, but for one night, three top-notch performers will come to together to laugh about religion.

The Laugh in Peace Tour presents three seasoned performers with an implicit — but not preachy — message of healing and understanding. Audiences of Jews, Muslims, and Christians throughout North America and England have found themselves enjoying sustained, nonpolitical laughter.

The Temple Adath B’nai Isreal, First Presbyterian Church, and the Islamic Center of Evansville presents the Laugh in Peace Tour featuring Rabbi Bob Alper, Mo Omer, and Reverend Susan Sparks at 7 p.m. Aug. 9 at the Victory Theatre.

“We live in Massachusetts, Texas, and Vermont, so our limited time together at shows is joyful,” says Alper. “We’re members of a special group where the words ‘kill,’ ‘died,’ and ‘tore down the house’ have very different meanings. 

“We know from lots of experience how laughter brings together a community, even a community of people from widely diverse backgrounds. People who laugh together can’t hate each other.”

The performance is completely underwritten by the three congregations. Tickets are $10 with proceeds going to the Tri-State Food Bank. As a prelude to the event, each congregation will host a dinner for the other congregations as a way of fostering peace and understanding of their respective religions.

For more information on the Laugh in Peace Tour, visit bobalper.com.

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