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Get to Know Diddly

As a freelance game creator, Clint Corley has worked with his fiancee, Sarah Thurman, to market a family friendly game of nothing. “Diddly” is a creative spinoff of the popular card game Golf, but with added features. Offering a number of specialized cards, this unique game utilizes luck and tactical strategy, creating a level playing field for both children and adults.

“I wanted to create a game families could play together,” Corley, 44, says.

Corley graduated from Castle High School in Newburgh, Ind., in 1987. He later graduated from the University of Evansville’s theatre program. Corley has a master’s degree in acting from the University of Iowa and now lives in Indianapolis. He says his passion for games began with his family.

“One of the greatest moments we had was at the pre-launch party,” he says. “I hope everyone gets to experience that at some point — having people enjoy something that you’ve created.”

Diddly was picked up by Endless Games, a national gaming company that has been a part of the success of iconic games Family Feud, Password, and Kismet. Diddly is being sold online for around $7.99 and at Toys to Treasure, 922 N. Burkhardt Road, Suite 102, for $7.50.

“I love creating things in general,” Corley says. “If I could do this every day, I’d be happy as anything. There is no part of working on games I don’t love.”

For more information on Diddly, visit endlessgames.com/gamesDiddly.html.

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