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Give Me a Sign

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. There are so many signs along the landscape that we all sort of overlook them. But there are some pretty cool signs in Evansville. Some of them are vintage neon, while others, like the Corner Bar & Grill on Mount Vernon Avenue promoting Ski, advertise local favorites.

The Jungle Restaurant is located inside a former tannery and leather dealership, built in 1870, at 415 Main Street. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places. The restaurant opened in 1995 as Jungle Mornings Coffee. The vintage sign is at home on the old building.

The sign at Evans Motors at 1056 E. Riverside Drive dates to 1978, when the dealership opened. Nearby, the Zesto sign on Riverside Drive is from 1952 when it opened, becoming, at the time, the third Zesto location in Evansville. First Federal Savings Bank’s sign on W. Franklin Street dates to 1906.

Other signs seen here include Gehlhausen Paint at 520 N. Main St. and the Roca Bar at 1618 S. Kentucky Ave.

Of course, there are other favorites, too, like the former Greyhound bus station sign, capped with the iconic running greyhound. With a new tenant — a restaurant or bar, perhaps — the greyhound will run again.

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