“Good Question, Son”

Recently, my son Jackson, 13, and I had the opportunity to spend several hours in the car together traveling to and from a basketball tournament. I dared to engage him in conversation during what must have been a very brief texting lull, or more likely, in a no service area between cities. He announced to me that he thought he would probably go to Indiana University, which he truly loves. The announcement was followed by “I will take over your job, Popster … You can work for me.”

My reply was that of course I wouldn’t do that to him, said only partially in jest. I am after all fond of saying that if I did not love my job, I would hate it. This is a tough business that never shuts off and never closes, but one that I am fortunate enough to still love. His next question to me was, “What do you like best about the magazine business?” Of course, it is always easiest to rattle off what you like the least but this particular question caused me to pause and think for a moment (Note to self: Do this more often).

My response? I enjoy bringing good positive energy to the community through our stories. These stories, which center on the best our community offers, are everywhere. We just happen to be able to uncover them. I have had the opportunity to meet and spend time with people from every walk of life, who if not in this business, our paths probably would not have crossed. I have hand-delivered a new magazine to people at their front door who are getting the first 15 minutes of fame they have ever received. Many times they give me in return a tearful “thank you so much.”

I have heard many times how our publications were instrumental to someone moving here or a potential company taking a second look at our area. I often hear about how we impacted a charitable organization’s gala or fundraiser by our participation. I am probably the most proud of how many times I have heard our publications help change our community’s perception of where we live and work. I often hear readers mention that they send the magazine to friends and relatives unfamiliar with the area and say “this is where I live.”

So thanks for the question, son. If this ends up being your calling, I will be damn proud.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Todd A. Tucker

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