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Holy Guacamole

Tableside creations can transform a dining experience. From the flourish of hibachis and flambéed desserts to traditional Caesar salads and cocktails, tableside service brings a little entertainment to premium dishes.

Los Bravos offers a popular southwest tableside service with its fresh guacamole. The restaurant has prepared this dish at table sides for three years, a service no other Mexican restaurant in Evansville offers.

Katelynn Bailes demonstrated for Evansville Living just how it is done. She wheeled out the decorated cart loaded with cilantro, jalapeño peppers, tomatoes, onions, lime, salt, and, of course, avocado.

At the table sat Shannon Kemper and Paul Thomas, two Los Bravos customers excited to try the dish for the first time.

As Bailes carefully carved the avocado around the pit, she explained just why they make the guacamole at the table.

“Honestly, from my perspective, it feels more comfortable for the customers because they’re actually seeing what you’re making,” says Bailes. “If you order it from the kitchen, you don’t see everything that goes in it, so you don’t appreciate it as much.”

She also expressed the contagious nature of others seeing someone else having fresh guacamole prepared.

“Everyone wants it,” she adds.

The price for a small portion is $4.20 and $7.99 for a large.

For more information about Los Bravos, call the East Side location at 812-474-9078 or visit losbravosmex.com.

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