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I Can Do Better!

77 percent – or C+ – that is the mark I would receive for consistency of “weekly” blog posts this year. At the end of 2013, the first year for the editor’s blog, “300 Words,” I gave myself 94 percent and vowed to maintain the weekly schedule. This is the 40th post for 2014; in 2013 I posted 49 times. It doesn’t take long to write just 300 words, but I sometimes get lost in the research and deadlines and life, of course, also get in the way.

I asked our editorial interns Rachel Christian and Laura Acchiardo to look back through the posts, count them, and categorize the topics. From the start I envisioned writing about a broad range of subjects. Am I stuck in any ruts? On any soapboxes? Preaching too much to the choir? Writing about myself too much? (Isn’t that what we bloggers really want to do?) Here’s what the blog “300 Words” covered this year.

Family is important to me; seven blog posts were about my family. Nature and wildlife, food and wine, and history were on my mind this year. Those topics each garnered six posts. Three posts were about architecture; four posts were about local goings-on; and three posts each were devoted to local goings-on and travel. Sports is conspicuously absent from my posts, though at least one of my family posts was sports-related (being a Cub Football mom). I’ll plan to incorporate more sports this year.

I don’t enjoy writing about politics, so even in with local and national elections heating up in 2015, you probably won’t see much from me there.

If you have a subject matter you would like for me to explore in a blog post, I would be pleased to hear from you.

Happy New Year!

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