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In a Word: Tradition

Dr. Daryl Hagan

“School is back in session and, along with the homework, clubs, and sporting events, so are the time-honored school traditions. Traditions may be for the entire school or a specific grade level. As I travel and visit Catholic schools, I hear about and experience traditions that bring life and energy to a school. Seniors may have a dedicated day where they ride their bicycles to school or show their school pride by painting a large boulder on the school grounds. Early learning students may participate in the annual bear hunt or look for Pete the Cat. Regardless of the tradition, schools cherish these customs and proudly make sure they continue for the next school year. Do you remember a favorite tradition from when you were in school?”

Dr. Daryl Hagan is the Diocese of Evansville Superintendent of Schools

Christina Ryan

“Traditions always have been embedded in our family. What better way to honor your heritage then by continuing to pass down customs from one generation to another? We always have tried to keep some family traditions sacred, and our children would be the first to remind us if we strayed from them. For me, our family traditions turn into fond memories of my childhood. I can remember Easter time with my ‘Nona’ and the Italian Easter bread we would make and how she always would have the bread blessed at church. As our children are grown, it will be exciting to see them create some of their own family traditions for the next generations as well.”

Christina Ryan is the chief executive officer of The Women’s Hospital

Scott Berry

“Tradition. There are so many different things with traditions — the tradition of celebrations after winning a game or a race or holiday gatherings with family and passing down a tradition throughout the generations. Imagine your holiday gatherings without a family tradition that you now enjoy. Something unique would be missing. It is up to each new generation to continue those traditions and keep passing them on. If the tradition does not get passed to the next generation, it doesn’t stay alive. Tradition can bring about goodwill and happiness. It can be instilled in us so that something unique is preserved for years to come. Memories that are created by it keep the tradition going for many years to come. I could not imagine the world without traditions.”

Scott Berry is the manager of Schnucks Lawndale

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