Keep on Food Truckin’

 Various food trucks from around the area gathered together at the Old Courthouse May 26 for the first Lunch on the Lawn, bringing a mix of culturally diverse menus Downtown. From Korean cuisine to all-natural twists on classic American dishes, we give you the lowdown on the tasty dishes you can find in the Tri-State.

▲ City Taco – Chicken Club Taco and Pow Pow Shrimp Taco

The Chicken Club Taco features roasted chicken, lettuce, cheese, tomato, bacon, and ranch piled together on a flour tortilla. The Pow Pow Shrimp Taco comprises tempura battered shrimp tossed in Pow Pow sauce, served with cabbage, scallions, and Thai sweet and sour sauce, all on a flour tortilla.

Behind the Wheel: Jayson Munoz

Whereabouts: Although locations vary, the City Taco food truck’s whereabouts always can be found on the Jayson Munoz Caters Facebook page.

▲ Fresh – Brisket Grilled Cheese

Made with quality ingredients, this take on a classic grilled cheese contains a beef brisket, seasoned and smoked by the Fresh truck, served with special aged cheddar cheese on whole wheat bread. The beef comes from an eco-friendly farm and is grass-fed.

Behind the Wheel: Andrew Keller and Karissa Costello

Whereabouts: Fresh typically can be found in Owensboro, Kentucky, at each Friday After Five in Smother’s Park. Keller and Costello also attend various festivals, such as Evansville’s Food Truck Festival or the Bourbon Fest in Bardstown, Kentucky, which occurs in September. They also cater private events.

▲ Bruce Li – Stone Bowl Rice

For this dish, patrons can dig into rice; sautéed vegetables; a choice of sautéed pork, chicken, or beef; and a homemade spicy Korean sauce, which can be substituted with either a mild or medium sauce for those who would like a tamer option.

Behind the Wheel: Bruce Li

Whereabouts: Bruce Li’s food truck often can be found weekdays between 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Third Street between Locust and Walnut streets. His location also can be found on the Bruce Li Facebook page.

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