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Kindra Strupp

Education: Bachelor’s degrees in journalism and psychology from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Resume: General assignment reporter, Warrick Publishing, 1991; general assignment reporter, WEVV-TV 44 (CBS), 1993; co-host, anchor, and reporter, WTVW-TV 7 (ABC, FOX), 1993-1999; public relations manager, DGS Group – Public Relations Agency, 1999-2000; LRL/executive communications-corporate communications associate (2000-2002), Zyprexa senior communications consultant (2002-2005), Cialis associate communications consultant (2005-2007), and Byetta/Bydureon senior manager (2007-2013), Eli Lily and Company, 2000-2013; assistant vice president for marketing and communications (2013-2016), associate vice president for marketing and communications (2016-2018), and vice president for marketing and communications (2018-present), University of Southern Indiana, 2013-present.

Hometown: Newburgh, Indiana

Family: Husband Aaron, two daughters, Kinsey, 19, and Amalee, 16, and two dogs, Buttercup and Cupid.

Kindra Strupp has worked her way through the ranks of prominent Indiana institutions. Whether being a mother to two teenagers or representing the University of Southern Indiana — where she met Aaron at a social gathering 30 years ago — she facilitates positive outcomes in all of her endeavors.

“In all the professional roles I’ve had the good fortune to serve in, I’ve been surrounded by very knowledgeable people, representing a variety of fields, each of whom have an interesting story to tell,” says Strupp.

What is your favorite part about working in a field with so many options?

Being able to communicate effectively is a transferable skill for almost every field. I have been lucky to parlay my skills in a variety of industries. I always was a planner and thought I would be Barbara Walters or like the fictional Murphy Brown and be a network personality.

Being open to other possibilities, with meaningful work for an organization that truly makes a difference in people’s lives, is the most rewarding thing for me. Lifelong curiosity has served me well. An added bonus to being at USI is that I feel younger purely through osmosis. Youth, and the possibilities it holds, is infectious!

How has working in a variety of communication fields benefited your current position?

As a journalist, I had the opportunity to meet politicians, comedians, and everyday people doing extraordinary things and was honored to share their stories. As a non-scientist working in a Fortune 125 pharmaceutical company with physicians, lawyers, and regulatory professionals, to name a few, every day I was a student again.

Fortunately, I truly enjoy learning. So, when you consider an institution like USI, which embodies perpetual learning across an array of subjects, each having fascinating people and stories to be told, I believe all my previous experiences make this a perfect fit.

What goals did you have starting out at USI and how have those developed over the years?

First, I needed to listen to determine what our internal and the external community thought about USI in 2013. It didn’t take long to realize the pride our faculty and staff have for their students and our university, as well as our retirees, alumni, and the broader regional community.

Our team wanted to bring that pride to the forefront, and we embarked on a rebranding effort of the academic and athletic sides of the house.

We strive to be the university of choice. Certainly, for students in our community, but we also are helping put Evansville on the map in Indianapolis and beyond by attracting students from across the state and far beyond who sing our praises to other prospective students back home.

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Jodi Keen
Jodi Keen
Jodi Keen is the managing editor of Evansville Living and Evansville Business magazines.

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