Know, Nourish, Go

Health is not about fad diets and gimmicks — those are all temporary. At Bob’s Gym, health is about building a sustainable lifestyle. Evansville native Bob Swallows started Bob’s Gym on Feb. 7, 1991. Nearing its 25th year, Bob decided the journey of healthy living could be simplified. Bob’s Gym is introducing the customized B3 Plan based on three principles — know, nourish, go.

First, you must know your customized fitness goals. Bob’s personal trainers start by working with you to design a plan tailored to your goals. Next, nourish your body with the proper fuel. “You cannot make improvements without the right nourishment. Nutrition is responsible for around 80 percent of your success,” says Tony Maslan, director of personal training at Bob’s Gym. Then, go with customized workouts designed to help you achieve success. Each body is different and must be treated uniquely.

Here are a few tips to get going:

Sign up for Fast Start. Sit down with a personal trainer to create your custom B3 Plan based on your fitness goals. This program is free for both new and current members.

Make maintaining a healthy lifestyle part of your routine. Include time each day to step toward your goals.

Enjoy it! You will not be motivated if you do not enjoy what you are doing. There are hundreds of ways to go. Find one that fits your lifestyle. 

For more information about Bob’s Gym, visit and learn about building your personalized B3 Plan.

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