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Like Father, Like Son

When Scott Poynter’s father Jack died in 1994, Scott pledged to not only take over his father’s business but his dream of its success.

In 1978, Jack opened The Glass Factory of Owensboro, Kentucky, as a part-time business while he worked as an art teacher and football coach at Owensboro High School. He ran the business, which primarily offered stained glass work, for extra cash and also for a creative outlet with Scott helping on the side from time to time.

Over the years, The Glass Factory outgrew several locations and became more of a full part-time job for Jack. In 1989, Scott was working at General Electric and began taking more interest in helping his father, including the work he was involved in with making custom front-door entries.

Just five years later at the age of 54, Jack passed away and in 1994, Scott became the sole owner and operator of The Glass Factory. When the economy suffered in 2001, Scott was forced to close the business temporarily while doing repairs and custom projects on the side.

Six years ago, Scott reopened the business to great success. Located at 3811 Highway 54, The Glass Factory has expanded to sell home décor such as candles, antique and reclaimed furniture from all over the world, and other trinkets. A large portion of Scott’s time is occupied by his work with custom front door entries, which he helps design and construct.

Scott learned how to create stained glass from his father, and he now teaches beginner and advanced classes. He credits his passion and talent from being raised by his dad and in the store.

“He was an amazing artist,” says Scott. “He was young. I’m living the dream he and I both had. He probably didn’t expect the business to be how it is today. I think he would be proud.”

For more information about The Glass Factory, call 270-312-2300 or visit theglassfactory.weebly.com.

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