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Link Up

To show how stories in the May / June 2015 issue of Evansville Living fit into the broader world, this edition of Link Up brings the Internet to you.

Everyone has a favorite activity to help them escape the world, but bicycling and hiking are hobbies that bring it to you. While the outdoor revolution is just picking up in Southwestern Indiana, it has been popular for decades in Colorado. If you are ready to take your outdoor adventures to the next level, then the Colorado Trail might be the challenge for you. Stretching 500 miles from Denver to Durango, this trail takes travelers through the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains with six diverse wilderness areas. Of course, the Colorado Trail is not as lush as either John James Audubon State Park or Wesselman Woods, but the eight different mountain ranges might make up for this.

The founders of Misfit Island Wildlife Rescue Center, Max Soaper and Linda Williams, lead some of the wildest lives rescuing animals. The duo might not get as much notoriety as Kevin Richardson, the man known for his friendships with the lions and hyenas of South Africa, but we know the couple that has rescued more than 500 animals in Henderson, Kentucky, cannot go unnoticed.

Without families like Mary Ellen and Floyd Damm of Timberview Flower Farm, fresh flower arrangements at farmers markets and local grocery stores would not be possible. NPR reports buying local is on the rise, and it might be time for you to get the color of fresh flowers back into your life.

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