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We aren’t the only ones who knew the hard-working story behind Hunt Bros. Pizza, the subject of our feature story. Check out this clip, a segment from a food-centric show.

Alan Newman, a longtime leader at the regional offices of Hilliard Lyons, gave Evansville Business readers an inside look at the financial industry. Here, read about the subject on a larger scale.

Dog psychologist Clark Pelphrey has a Boston terrier named Bailey, but she isn’t pictured on his company’s website. The dog on the home page is Pappi, a once-troubled pit bull Pelphrey rehabilitated after finding her in a local shelter. Despite the stereotypes that plague pit bulls, Pappi became a loyal, loving pet ready for adoption into another family. Here’s New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell’s take on the controversial dog breed and efforts to ban pit bulls from cities.

Two days after Pelphrey spoke with Evansville Business, he hopped a plane to Virginia to meet with Dee Bogetti, a trainer of diabetic alert dogs. These service dogs are trained to recognize and alert diabetics to fluctuating blood sugar levels. Pelphrey, who has Type 1 diabetes, hopes to bring a training program to the Tri-State.

Evansvillian Alan Hart’s invention, the E-Z Bat, is a toy that teaches children the mechanics of a baseball swing — and still gives them an enjoyable experience. Mommy bloggers across cyberspace have raved about the toy. One such blogger is Jabbering Jessi. Read her thoughts about the E-Z Bat here.

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